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"Grand Army of the Potomac"


  As the host of 4thMichigan.Com,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals who have visited this site and shared both their collections and their knowledge. We would also like to thank those whose questions and mysteries have inspired a much deeper research of the Fourth Michigan Volunteer Infantry. After all, that is the spirit which has brought this website to the forefront of  those sites dedicated to Civil War regiments.

 This website has the honor to continue on with that great privilege and responsibility of sharing the history of this great regiment. A history that is not only a memorial to those soldiers who bled under her banner on war-torn battlefields, but also to those who, bedridden in disease, perished before glory could call on them. Their photographs, letters, and diaries are the memory and spirit that will transcend the gravesite. The goal of this website is that the men of the Fourth Michigan Infantry and their service for their country need never be forgotten.



4th Michigan company D on Picket Duty

George Wilkinson Collection

(This photo cannot be reproduced without permission from George Wilkinson)


History of the Fourth Michigan Volunteer Infantry


4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Battle flag

Michigan State Archives "Save the Flags" Collection


    "On 21 June 1861 the regiment received its first flag from the ladies of Adrian who had sewn the legend "The Ladies of Adrian to the 4th Regiment--Defend It" on the flag. "While I have the honor to command these brave men, while my life shall be spared, the flag shall never be surrendered to the foe," promised Colonel Dwight Woodbury. At Malvern Hill, 1 July 1862, Woodbury was killed and this flag reduced to tatters. The netting shows the shape of the original flag" - from Michigan Historical Museum Website


Chancellorsville, Virginia

The recorded conversation between Generals Meade and Griffin at Chancellorsville concerning the "4th Michigan Infantry Volunteer Regiment".

Gen. Meade: "Have you placed your regiments in position general?"

General Griffin: " I have!"

Gen. Meade: " But are they troops on whom you can depend?"

Gen: Griffin: "General they are Michigan Men!"

Gen. Meade: "But will they hold their ground?"

Gen Griffin: "Yes General!, THEY WILL HOLD IT AGAINST HELL!

 as noted in the diary of Pvt. John Houghton, 4th Michigan Infantry Co. K

Bentley Historical Library Collection

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Fourth Michigan Infantry Soldier's Photographs

Below is one of our newest additions


Matthew Brady image of  Company K of the Fourth Michigan Infantry taken in the fall of 1861 at Fort Woodbury

  (taken from a hand tinted stereoview sold in the "War Views" series published by E. & H. T. Anthony and Co.)


New Memorabilia

Infantry Tactics manual which belonged to Colonel Harrison Herbert Jeffords

(from the Kowalis collection)





Pistol with engraved backstrap belonging to Corporal Edward Sumner of Company A Fourth Michigan Infantry

He lost the middle finger of his left hand due to a gunshot wound at Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 4,1863

(from the Clark collection)


                         The purpose of this site is to honor those brave souls & their heirs who fought with the 4th Michigan Infantry Regiment during the War Between the States or the United States Civil War. 

    I have also started on this historical adventure because the histories of the Michigan Regiments that participated in The Civil War have been greatly ignored. Michigan sent one of the largest contingent's of regiments to serve the Union during the Civil War. By war's end over 46 regiments from Michigan would fight in the Civil War. Over 90,000 men from Michigan fought  for the Union. This was 50% of the eligible male population of the State of Michigan at the time of the United States Civil War. This was the largest percentage of men from any one state, Union or Confederate to fight in the Civil War! The 4th Michigan Infantry Regiment was the only Regiment in the Civil War to have more men die from actual  battle than from disease.  4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry has over 40 photographs of identified 4th Michigan infantry troopers. please click on our photograph page to view these Cabinet cards, C.D.V.'s, ambrotypes, and photographs.  There are several additional photographs throughout the website. 


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In Their Words


  Letters from the 4th


4th Michigan in Periodicals 1861 - 1866


4th Michigan in Reunion

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4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Rolls

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Images of the Fourth Michigan Volunteer Infantry Troops 1861-1866

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