4th Mi. Camp Life Photographs



Members of 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Band


4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Band


4th Michigan Campaign Pictures 1861 - 1864

Washington D.C. and Virginia locations (Summer & Fall of 1861)

photographs by Matthew Brady

(from the Library of Congress Collection)

note: Some of these pictures are attributed to the photographic studio of Matthew Brady. The locations are Arlington Heights, Fort Woodbury, Fort Winfield Scott Hancock, Pine Grove, Va. (Porter's Headquarters), & Miner's Hill.




Fort Woodbury Pictures

by Matthew Brady

( Bentley Library Collection & National Archives )

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New Addition:


Brady Image (cdv format) suggested to be of the Fourth Michigan Infantry (currently under investigation)

From the George Wilkinson collection


New Addition:

Captain Harrison H. Jeffords with young unidentified private

National Archives Collection ( likely a "Brady" image)