The Journal of Edgar Noble

Original Pocket Diary 1863


Edgar Noble's journal has been recovered from the attic of the grandparents of Tom Spain. Tom has given me permission to published a transcript translated by George Wilkinson on the 4th Michigan website.



Photographs of the Edgar Noble Diary 4th Michigan Co. K

(not for publishing , strictly for authentication purposes)

Original Pocket Diary 1863


Sergeant E. Noble, Co. K, 4th Michigan Volunteers


Saturday, January 10, 1863

 Falmouth Va


Monday (January)12,

 Kellys Ford Va


Friday, (March) 13 Gould and I made a visit to Berdans 1st Regt Sharp Shooters took our Grub with us  found them as we expected a set of thiefs they made an attempt to steal our ove(r)coats but we prevented it


Wednesday (April) 8      



Saturday, April 25,1863

returned to the regiment to day found the boys all right with orders to march with eight days rations


Sunday (April) 26

to day the Regt has gone on picket  I was left in camp  have writen 7 letters expect to march tonight


Monday (April)27

Broke Camp near Falmouth  marched in the direction of the River  encamped near the Brick church in a large field


Tuesday, April 28,1863

Took up our line of march at twelve o’clock PM march 15 miles and encamped for the night  rained all day


Wednesday (April) 29

Crossed the Rappahannock and Rapidan  captured 160 Prisnors  rained.  rained hard all day encamped near the Rapidan River  rained all night


Thursday (April) 30

Started at 8 oclock rained in the fournoon  marched to Chanclierville stopped two hours then advanced two miles fell back to the corners and encamped for the night


Friday, May 1, 1863

broke camp at 10 went eight miles to the fords and returned marched Backwards and forwards all night in line of Battle with flankers thrown out


Saturday (May) 2

stayed all night where we encamp for the night threw up Breast works to protect us from the fire of the enemy


Sunday (May) 3

Laid in line of Battle all day   heavy fighting in the forenoon and most all night  11 and 12 Corps fell back one mile


Monday, May 4, 1863

were sent out to try the streanth of the rebs advanced nearly one mile found the rebs in forse and fell back  had 1 killed and 11 wound


Tuesday (May) 5

was actacted twice by the rebs but repulsed them both times    rain commenced to Fall at dark    rained all night


Wednesday (May) 6

started at three o clock   marched to United States ford   returned and acted as rear guard    reached the old camp at three oclock    rained all day


Thursday, May 7,1863

the old camp looks rather gloomy this morning   have no rations only what we pick up   many of the (men) are sick    it is still raining


Monday (May) 11

to day Bill Smith made some Hoe cake and it was good but rather hevy    he thinks it will stick to the ribs well


Tuesday, May 19,1863

our Corps was reviewed to day by General Mead    the weather vary warm and dusty


Wednesday (May) 20

Left Camp at 9 O clock  went on picket   took three days rations with us   the weather vary warm and plesant recevved a letter from L N


Thursday (May) 21

Weather warm and pleasent    are on the reserve to day   receved a letter from Alex Crane also a paper from an unknown friend


Friday, May 22,1863

were relieved this morning and returned to camp a little the worse for wear    recieved a letter from L N to day


Thursday, May 28,1863 

we received orders at noon to be ready to march at a moments notice with three days rations   did not start until there o clock marched 10 miles and encamped for the night    were paid to day for two months


Friday (May) 29

started at 7 O clock  march 16 miles camped at Kellys ford  the weather vary hot


Saturday (May) 30

went to the river this morning and had a good swim   saw some of our secesh friends on the other side  weather pleasant


Sunday, May 31,1863

went on picket went abut there miles to a ford on the rappahannock  found our secesh friends quite friendly  had some fish and strawberies for dinner


Monday, June 1

are still on picket   went down the river this morning and destroyed a boat belonging to the rebs   the weather warm and pleasent   exchanged papers with the rebs to day   were relieved and returned to camp


Tuesday (June) 2

weather warm   heard to day that Grant had been defeated   some of our pickets were taken last night by the rebs



Wednesday, June 3,1863

weather plasent warm   remained in camp all day   done some washing   went over to Battery D to visit a friend in the evening   L N


Thursday (June) 4

weather vary hot  thunder storm at night  remained in camp all day  A R   L E   L X


Friday (June) 5

vary pleasent remained in Camp all day   have orders to be ready to march at a moments notice     J R


Saturday, June 6,1863

went on picket   took one day rations   vary pleasent in the morning    rained in the afternoon    heard to day that Fredericksburg was evacuated and that Grant had taken Vicksburg     McLean Field officer of the day


Sunday (June) 7

was relieved this morning by the 62 PV   returneded to camp   got in about 9 o clock    recd a letter from L N  A B & L E today  had meeting to day


Monday (June) 8

remained in camp all day   some of cavalry crossed the river to day


Tuesday, June 9,1863

more troops crossed the Rappahannock this morning    hard fighting all day    Cavlary and artilery engaged    all returned to camp to day    loss said to be heavy on both sides


Wednesday (June) 10

went on picket to day    releived the 62nd PV    wather fine    I crossed the river to day and had a chat with the sesesh pickets    found them vary friendly


Thursday (June) 11

are still on picket    rained this morning    had some steambers for breakfast


Friday, June 12,1863

on picket yet     heavy cannonading up the river this morning     some of Hookers scoutts (c)roossed the river to day    weather warm


Saturday  (June) 13

were relieved to day by the 63     got orders to march soon after we got to camp    started at dark     march 7 miles and encamped for the night


Sunday (June) 14

broke camp at noon    marched 16 miles and encamped for the night near the railroad


Monday, June 15,1863

broke camp at daylight    marched to mannassus junction    encamped for the night     some of our men were sun struck and died      heard today that Lee had crossed into maryland


Tuesday (June) 16

went on picket in the afternoon     staid (t)ill three o clock in the morning


Wednesday  (June) 17

broke camp at 9 o clock     reached centerville at noon    awful hot    men die by the road side    reached Ennis Springs about sundown and camp for the night     fight at middletown to day


Thursday, June 18,1863

weather hot    thunder shower at night     remained at Ennis Springs all day    done washing to day    hear that Lee is in PA


Friday (June) 19

Cunningham and I went out on pass    returned at 5 o clock     Regt had Left us gone to Alldee     we went about three miles and staid all night with Miss Mary Cross     rained all night


Saturday (June) 20

Came up with the Regt this morning at Alldee     remained at this place all day


Sunday, June 21,1863

got orders to march at three o clock     marched 7 miles     passed through Middleburg and stoped in a field near the Battle Field  remained all day.  at night went on picket about one mile     hard fighting all day     16th Mich take a Battery


Monday (June) 22

cavelry fall back    we got orders to fall back about noon    rebes follow us for two hours    fell back as far as dover     remain on picket all night


Tuesday (June) 23

returned to our old Camp near Aldee this morning   drew two days rations    remained in Camp until night then went on picket about three miles


Wednesday, June 24,1863

were relieved from picket and returned to camp    sent mail this morning the first in 11 days   fixed my tent and done some washing to day


Thursday (June) 25

weather pleasent    all quiet along the lines to day    drew two days rations    wrote two letters


Friday (June) 26

broke camp at 7 O clock    crossed the Potomac at Edwards ferry    went three miles and encamped for the night      rained all day


Saturday, June 27,1863

broke camp at 6 oclock    marched 13 miles     rained all day    encamped for the night near Frederick city


Sunday (June) 28

weather pleasent    remained in camp all day     done some washing     received mail     went on picket at dark


Monday (June) 29

broke camp at 7 O clock    marched sixteen miles     passed through Union town    encamped for the night near Liberty


Tuesday, June 30,1863

broke Camp at daylight      marched 35 miles and encamped for the night near Union Mills     rained in the fornoon


Wednesday (July) 1

weather rainy  marched to Hanover  remained two hours marched to Oxford and encamped for the night


Thursday (July) 2

marched to Gettsbued   remained in line of Battle untill three O clock   we then sent to the front   Cost heavy  Cornle killed   Mc Lene wounded

Friday (July) 3

went with the Capt to the Hospital near the Battle field  remained till three o clock then went to Middletown  Hard fighting all day


Friday Dec 4


Mountain R(ose) ??


Cash Account Jan


Belt Plains


Cash Account July


Monroes Farm


Cash Account September

Penine                         E                     

Purdy                          H        

Bird                             C

Hughes                        F

Goodenburger             D

Gauntlett                     G

Moore (?)                    I (?)                

Houghton                    K

Day                             B


Cash Acct November Left Side



Cash Acct November Right Side

Ok give me but one hour more the dieng soldier said


Cash Account December  Left

Peter Gahagan

debt / to cash 100



Dec 20  South Carolina declares herself out of the union by a unanimous vote

Dec 26 Major anderson evacuates Fort moultrie and takes possession of Fort Sumpter

Dec 28 south carrolina troops


(unable to transcribe)



Battle of chickhomney Fought May 24

Battle of Hanover Fought May 27th

Battle of Meckanicksville June 26

Battle of Gaines Farm June 27th

Battle of White oak swamp June 27th

Battle of Malvern Hill July 1st

Battle of antietam Fought sept 17th

Battle of Fredericksburg fought Dec 12 14th 15th



R.G. Graham 183 Norman st  N.y. city      (this might be an address for Robert Graham of the Fourth Mich. who enlisted on June 21st,1864 in Jackson, Mich. and then deserted)


Owosso City Mich.


Ticket Office Pa Central R.R.

Cor 6th st. + Pa. Avenue


(unable to transcribe)



Cambell Hospital  Ward 7 Washington D.C.

St. Lawrance Jefforson Co. N.Y.

Clarance Centre N.Y.

Newstead Era Co N.Y.

General Hospital  Island













Feb 28 Peter Gahagan debt to cash 100


Sherry    2

Cunningham  1


Gould  1


Foster  5


Back cover


Thomas Sherry   (across top of page upright)


Edgar Noble

Howell Home   4th Mich Volls   (vertically across left side of cover )


William Noble

John Logan

123 PV Volls      (vertically across right side of cover)