"In Their Words"


There are currently in the collection, three original diaries from the men of the Fourth Michigan Infantry. We have digital copies of an additional two diaries and photocopies of another two as well. We also have the transcripts from an additional three diaries beside that. We continue our search for other diaries that will shed further light on the lives of the men of the regiment. Please let us know if you should have any further leads regarding the location of the written war time accounts of the soldiers of the Fourth Michigan Infantry. This page contains the links to a few of the various dairies and journals we have published thus far on 4th Michigan.com.  We have gathered and received so much information on 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry that it has become necessary to move the links to their own page. We hope to expand our effort even more. Beside the diaries, memoirs, and journals of these men we are continually searching for the individual letters they wrote. Those will eventually be shared with you as well. We would like to thank all of those who have contributed in their own personal way thus far.



      "In Their Words"  

(Diaries and Journals of the 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry)

The Bentley Library of the University of Michigan has given permission to publish various letters and diaries of original members of 4th Michigan Volunteers. They are located on separate pages. They are also part of the Letters of the 4th Michigan Page.

Added 3/11/07

Edgar Noble Journal

Added 01/07/07

Edgar Noble's journal has been recovered from the attic of the grandparents of Tom Spain. Tom has given me permission to published a transcript translated by George Wilkinson on the 4th Michigan website.

Sgt. 4th Michigan Company K


John Milton Bancroft Journal 1861 - 1864

Sgt./ 1st Lt of;  I (Sgt.), C (2nd Lt.), K (1st Lt.), H (1st Lt. and commander from July 2,1863 until Nov. 1863)

 Additional Content added 12/24/06

The Journal Of James Houghton 1863

Infantryman 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry  Co. K

The complete journal (Mustering in, Chancellorsville campaign, Kelley's Ford, Gettysburg Campaign, Gettysburg July 1st & 2nd, the Wheatfield and the aftermath )


Congressional Medal of Honor

Sgt Moses A Luce's 

personal account of his winning of the Congressional Medal of Honor (Spotsylvania Court House)

Sergeant 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. E


Harrison Daniels Memoir

Sergeant  4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Co. G


Henry Seage's Speeches

Eyewitness account of the battle of Fredericksburg

(view the recently discovered 1st National flag Henry captured at Fredericksburg here)

Color Sergeant 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Infantryman 4th Michigan Co. E