460 youths from J&K, Ladakh join JAK Light Infantry Regiment: report


A total of 460 fully trained recruits from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions joined the army after their attestation parade at Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry Center (JAKLI) on Saturday.

The Commanding Officers Training Academy, Chennai and JAKLI Regiment Colonel, Lt. Gen. M.K. Das reviewed the attestation parade of Recruit Course Serial Number 126.

He extended his congratulations to the young soldiers for their “spotless parade” and appreciated their contribution in encouraging more young people from the Union Territories to join the security forces.

Lt Gen Das even insisted on the role played by parents in motivating their children to participate in this noble profession.

Lt Gen Das even praised the recruits for their excellence in several facets of their training process.

Rookie peer Sartaj Ahmed Wani was awarded the Triveni Singh Medal and the Sher-e-Kashmir Sword of Honor for being selected as the “Best Overall Rookie”.

Likewise, the “Best in Firing” Chewang Rinchen medal award was given to rookie Amandeep Singh Chib, Economic period reports.

Meanwhile, Maqbool Sherwani Medal and Bana Singh Medal were awarded to recruits Parmeet Sharma and Mohammed Asad respectively. These awards were for people who were “Best in Physical Training” and “Best in Exercise” separately.


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