Attacks on No. 58 Infantry Regiment in Waimaw destroy two village houses and kill domestic animals


The third heavy weapon attack on No. 58 Infantry Regiment based in Madein Village, Waimaw, Kachin State on the night of August 3 destroyed two houses and killed many domestic animals in the nearby village of Laban, local villagers said.

The regiment was attacked three times on July 29, August 2 and August 3. The last attack was the most severe.

“The fighting started around 10 p.m. and only stopped this morning. We couldn’t count the number of shells falling. After 11 p.m., military trucks and tanks arrived from Myitkyina. Two shells were dropped from a helicopter. But now Washaung Road has been reopened. Even young people like us don’t dare to go there. The jungle gunshots weren’t that strong. Both sides exchanged fire. A shell falling in the village of Laban killed seven pigs. I don’t know how many pigs were killed on another farm. A house was hit by a shell. Another was set on fire. The villagers dare not go home because there are still unexploded shells. My parents said they hadn’t seen such fighting in over 60 years,” said a resident of Madein Village.

The Kachin Independence Army (KIA) claimed responsibility for the July 29 attack on the No. 58 Infantry Regiment.

Colonel Naw Bu, KIA information officer, denied the August 2 attack and said he had no idea of ​​the latest August 3 attack.

“We have not yet heard of the attack last night. We confirmed that we did not attack on the night of August 2nd. Our central level did not issue such an order either. Last night they (the government troops) fired open weapons at our side. Shells fell in a village. There were also attacks and clashes along the roads to Hpakant, Tanai and Lido. There is also fighting in the area of ​​KIA No. 36 Regiment,” the Colonel said.

The July 29 night attack killed a factory worker in a village near the No. 58 Infantry Regiment and a soldier.

Similarly, the KIA attacked a military base in Hsidinyan village in Namati, Mogaung Township, Kachin State on July 31 at 4 a.m., killing one villager.


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