DVIDS – News – Company A, 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment Urban Attack Platoon Exercise


Georgia Army National Guard Soldiers assigned to Winder-based Company A, 1st Battalion, 121st Infantry Regiment, 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, showcased their tactical prowess and knowledge during of a platoon urban attack exercise during the Exportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) exercise June 21 at Fort Stewart, Ga.
XCTC is the US Army National Guard’s benchmark program that enables Brigade Combat Teams to build trained platoons ready to deploy, fight and win battles around the world.
“We want to see how teams work together to attack an objective,” said Sgt. 1st Class Chase Bagwell, 1st Platoon, Platoon Sgt. “We’ve been training on individual and team tactics, now it’s time to show our skills and get the peloton working together.
attack an objective.
Army Field Manual 7-8, Chapter Six, Section One states that while operating in urban
areas, the main offensive collective tasks at platoon and squad level are attack and
building clearance. It’s about isolating the target, removing the threat,
advancing the assault element, attacking the building, clearing the building, and
consolidate and reorganize the force.
With these tasks in hand, the platoon was to use individual and team tasks that
build to platoon-level execution.
“The time we spent on individual and team tasks was paramount in building this platoon
at the level of effective lethality that we will demonstrate today,” Bagwell said. “I believe
taking our time with these tasks is what will make the difference when we bring the
platoon together to achieve our goal.
The observers-controllers-trainers (OC-T) assigned to this simulation exercise
praised Company A for their knowledge and teamwork during Urban Platoon
route of attack.
“Our job was to coach and mentor the peloton down that path to make sure they were
succeeded,” said Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Henderson, Observer Controller-Trainer
assigned to the 1st Battalion based at Fort Stewart, 306th Infantry Regiment, 188th
Infantry Brigade. “What we want to focus on is how they use their decision-making
process to plan the infiltration and attack the objective, what they showed us was a
unique sense of how and when to push, repress and infiltrate an area.
Urban platoon operations are a building block of the Army’s training model, success in
squad and platoon level improves and reduces pressure on company and battalion
“What we’re doing here is basically giving freedom to company and battalion operations
of movement through enemy territory,” said 1st Lt. Timmy Youngs, 1st Platoon,
platoon leader. “When we take over enemy territory and secure the roads for our operations, it
brings us one step closer to the success of the mission or operation. We want our guys
understand that their piece of the pie is critical to the success of the higher headquarters mission.
As a step in the full spectrum of combat, squad, platoon, company and battalion exercises
increase our interoperability and the sheer lethality of an organization such as the 48th
“The way we build the formation in stages has definitely been a benefit to the soldiers
and organization. said Bagwell. “We have made sure that the representatives know our role and our tasks
and if we are called upon to defend our homeland or our country, I trust that we have
trained for lasting success.

Date taken: 21.06.2022
Date posted: 22.06.2022 19:44
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