Indian Army seeks to upgrade more than 800 ‘Sarath’ infantry fighting vehicles


The Indian Army has invited local vendors to express their interest by October 16 for the planned upgrade of 811 of its license-built BMP-2/2K ‘Sarath’ infantry fighting vehicles. According to Janes’ website, the Indian Army said on September 4 that it required potential suppliers to develop a BMP-2/2K prototype equipped with a third-generation thermal camera-based machine gun and commander’s sights. pans, a modern fire control system, and an automatic target tracker.

The military noted that the upgrades will be made under the Department of Defense’s Defense Procurement Procedures-2016 and said all add-ons will be required to be at least 40% native content. Each of the shortlisted vendors will eventually receive a BMP-2/2K into which the vendor’s systems will be integrated. Industry officials said the prototypes are expected to undergo testing about 24 months after the ADs are selected.

In a rare admission, the Indian Army said its BMP-2/2Ks were “blind at night” and that their sighting systems, based on image intensification technology, were “not suitable for the modern warfare”. Additionally, he said the lack of modernized fire control and automatic tracking systems had “negatively affected” the platform’s day and night combat capabilities.


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