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Oh, the sweet smell of freedom.

The day a full-time National Serviceman (NSF) becomes an Operational National Serviceman (NSman) is a life milestone in itself.

An NSF, Norirfaandy, took the opportunity to add an even bigger cause for celebration.

Love was in the air at Kranji Camp III last Saturday (October 29) when he asked for his partner’s hand in marriage.

Dressed in a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) No.1 dress, the 21-year-old walked up to his partner, Nur’Shalinie, with a bouquet of flowers.

He knelt on the ground and the couple had a quick exchange.

Based on the loud reaction from the crowd, you can guess what their response was.

The proposal was posted on TikTok last Sunday (October 30) and, at the time of writing, the 56-second clip has over 217,000 views.

Norirfaandy seemed to have done a decent job of keeping the proposal secret.

“I was very ignorant [about the proposal]. He didn’t warn me,” Nur’Shalinie told AsiaOne.

The student care teacher added that she was shaking and ‘extremely nervous’ when a large circle formed for her to stand on.

This was definitely not your regular ORD parade.

As the loudspeakers began to blast Perfect, an Ed Sheeran love ballad, Norirfaandy surged from the crowd.

She then realized that he was about to propose to her.

Considering the amount of effort and planning it took, Norirfaandy must have been a relieved man when she said “yes.”

“I had to go through all my superiors to get clearance and I’m grateful they’re all so supportive,” he said.

In fact, it was a joint effort of his NS buddies as they practiced the proposal weeks before the DSB ceremony.

Congratulatory messages could be seen in the comments section, as many netizens mentioned what a sweet proposal it was.


Norirfaandy also shared that he wanted Nur’Shalinie to know that he truly loves her and called her a day he will “remember forever”.

Her plan after ORD is to find a job, save money, and marry the love of her life.

As for the others who had proposal plans locked in, it might be worth a makeover after watching Norirfaandy’s well-executed surprise.

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