New series of rifles named Type 20, to improve the combat capability of the army


Series of Type 20 rifles at Airshow China 2022. Photo: CCTV screenshot

The Chinese army’s next-generation service rifle, formerly called the QBZ191 series, has been officially named the Type 20 series, and the manufacturer’s spokesperson said at Airshow China 2022 that this shows that the new guns are like the 20, which includes the J-20 stealth fighter, the Y-20 transport plane, and the Z-20 helicopter. They will become the next generation firearms to greatly improve the combat capability of China’s military forces.

In the Ground Forces Arms and Equipment Exhibition Hall at Airshow China 2022 in Zhuhai, south China’s Guangdong Province, China South Industries Group Corp (CSGC) exhibited a large number of firearms, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers, submachine guns, and non-lethal riot weapons that arm Chinese military forces and are also exported.

The Type 20 series rifles have attracted many professional guests invited by defense companies, military enthusiasts and journalists, although they made their debut at the show in 2021.

Type 20 series rifles are designed and manufactured by CSGC Chongqing Jianshe Industry. CSGC spokesperson Zhang Lu told the Global Times that naming the Type 20 series shows the importance of weapons for the Chinese military, and the Type 20 rifles for the military will be like the 20 family aircraft. for the Chinese Air Force. .

Zhang said that compared to the Type 95 series, the Type 20 series has been greatly improved in many ways. “For example, it has become much lighter and uses transparent magazines”, and the biggest technological breakthrough is longer life.

“For example, if older rifles can fire mostly 5,000 or 10,000 rounds, the Type 20 series can now double that.”

CSGC also debuted a simulation training system with augmented reality (AR) technology for close combat (CQB) at Airshow China, which is mainly used for special forces training.

For a demonstration of the system in the exhibition hall, two special forces members wore AR headsets and used special rifles and pistols to make the system complete an “indoor hostage rescue mission” without firing weapons. real.

A CSGC staff member told the Global Times that this system is safer and less expensive for training, but it will not completely replace live-fire training sessions. Some military enthusiasts have said that if this system could be used by civilians like certain types of AR first-person shooter video games, it would be very popular.


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