Say goodbye to the last 164th Infantry Soldier


BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) — Thursday Afternoon, Family and Friends, by Doug Burtell; North Dakota remaining 164th Regiment, interred him at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery in Mandan.

Burtell was three weeks shy of his 97th birthday when he died at a retirement home in Bowman.

“I’m just grateful that his story is being told one last time. because there are few left like him,” said Bard Burtell, Doug’s daughter.

Burtell served in the 164th Infantry Regiment, one of North Dakota’s most recognized units, as an artist.

He documented the heroes of North Dakota as they invaded the Guadalcanal and went to war with the Japanese.

On Thursday, his family remembered him for all the sacrifices he made.

“Like any soldier, someone who gave it their all, and his generation is so special and dear and we will never truly understand how much they sacrificed. Sometimes you wonder if your life had an impact on others , but a soldier never has to wonder whether or not there was,” said Jill Vallego, Burtell’s granddaughter.

In March, Major General Alan Dohrmann presented Burtell with a commander’s coin that had been made in his honor and with his artwork.

Burtell’s sketches can be seen in North Dakota and on the wall of the 164th Infantry at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

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