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According to information released by the Slovak Defense Ministry, the Slovak Armed Forces plans to acquire 500 8×8 AFVs (Armored Fighting Vehicle) and 228 tracked AFVs by 2035.
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The old Soviet BMP-2 tracked IFV infantry fighting vehicle will be replaced by a new IFV. (Image source Army Recognition)

The acquisition plan is expected to unfold in five stages with first delivery next year. Initially, Slovakia wants to acquire 76 8×8 armored vehicles in IFV configuration as well as 156 tracked armored vehicles also in IFV variant.

The second phase of this acquisition will include another batch of 72 armored tracked vehicles in the IFV variant, and a few other versions, including the APC (Armored Personnel Carrier), mortar carrier and engineer vehicles.

According to the first requirements published by the Slovak Ministry of Defense (MoD), the IFV version must be armed with 30 or 40 mm cannon, and the vehicle will be able to accommodate a crew of three and 7 infantrymen. The vehicle must also have amphibious capabilities.

For the follow-up IFV, the Slovak Ministry of Defense has shown interest in the Lynx from Rheinmetall, the CV-90 from BAE Systems, and ASCOD from General Dynamics while for the IFV 8×8, the competitors are the Pandur II from General Dynamics, the AMV from Patria and the Rosomak from Poland.

According to the military record 2020, currently the Slovak army has a total of 148 Soviets BMP-191 BMP-2 Tracked IFVs and 72 OT-90 tracked APCs, 7 OT-64 and 15 Tatrapan wheeled APCs.

As a member of NATO, Slovakia wants to modernize its armed forces with new combat vehicles to European standards and replace old Soviet-made military equipment.


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